Host a Purse Party!

When was the last time you went out with the girls and had fun shopping? High school? Remember trying things on, asking opinions, being egged on to try something new?

Why should kids have all the fun? Host a shopping play date and bring fun, fashion and friends together. Book a purse party!

Refresh friendships and your wardrobe, co-host with a friend. You’ll both receive credit toward free and discounted accessories. Outsource the kids, bring in the girls, and let the party begin!

Hosting is like our accessories: effortless, affordable and irresistible.

Effortless~ Relax, our customized invitations make reaching out to friends super simple.

Affordable~ Chill, everyone is coming for the fashions not the food! A cool drink and a chunk of cheese will do it.

Irresistible~ Immediate gratification, no ordering or waiting, you wear your one-of-a-kind purchases home.

Where to start…
Invite everyone you know and want to know and ask them invite their friends! We have plenty of purses– enough to fill your living, dining and family room. Don’t have a big place? No worries, a packed party creates the perfect buzz, the more you invite, the more fun the party and the greater the rewards are for you! Every invitation is a compliment.You’ll be surprised how many people you know. Invite in-laws, coworkers, neighbors, mother’s club, book and bunco groups, babysitters, their friends, soccer moms, teachers, tutors, coaches, faith affiliates; your hairstylist, manicurist, office staff, realtor, mortgage broker, professionals that you patronize. They’ll thank you. And when they book their party, you’ll both be rewarded with referral credit. Don’t wait, book before the holiday season fills your calendar and ours.

Life’s best accessory is a good friend. Host a purse party and accessorize with friends!


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