About CC Kelly

Over the last 15 years, CC Kelly has grown a part-time purse party business into an iconic accessories provider at women’s events in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Anchor vendor at boutiques and highest donor at fundraisers, CC Kelly is the recognized name for trunk shows and women’s conventions. Why?

CC gives her customers the personal attention and service of a small island merchant while delivering fashions with the same savvy style as a big city boutique.

As a third generation legacy in retail fashion, CC comes by her classic sense of style honestly. At age 12, she was just tall enough to take orders at the counter of her family’s Sears Catalog Store on Orcas Island. The summer before her first “real” job, while working in customer service and the accessories department at Nordstrom, CC furnished her professional wardrobe. From the get-go she was pushing the edge of IBM’s blue suit standard with strong colors, rich textures and her scarf tying trickery.

CC loved the travel opportunities and professional training that corporate life offered her in her youth. She especially enjoyed her time as Marketing Director at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and it’s cause oriented mission. Those experiences gave her to the confidence and courage to build her own business. Nothing beats the creativity and flexibility of entrepreneurship and the opportunity it offers to share her time, business experience and fashion sense not only with other women but most importantly with her teenage daughter Grace.

When she’s not networking, fundraising or accessorizing, CC is guiding a yoga class, running trails with her faithful dog Maddie, riding a tandem with Grace, leading a youth mission trip with her husband Frank, or escaping Alcatraz without a wet suit! Being entrepreneurial is just one of CC’s many joys and adventures.

At the intersection of classic and chic, practical and polished; where women, wine, fashion and fundraising merge– at the hub of the action– you’re sure to find CC Kelly arranging a gorgeous feast of accessories. effortless. affordable. irresistible.


"I really appreciate the bags, for their beauty, sturdiness and flexibility. They are perfect for so many situations and are a mainstay of my wardrobe."

~ Jane B, Cookbook Author, Food Writer